Terms of Sales

Participation in the activity

Your participation in the activity implies that you have at least a normal physical condition, no medical contra-indication to the practice of canyoning, and that you know how to swim.

Coaching – Guiding

For your safety, the instructors are all holders of a state diploma (BEES, DEJEPS …) up to date of continuing education, a professional card Youth and Sport, and professional liability insurance. At any time, and at your request, the corresponding supporting documents may be presented to you.


The equipment provided is recent, personal protective equipment is strictly monitored by the maintenance of a register. At any time, and at your request, you can consult this register.

For hygienic reasons, neoprene clothing is disinfected after each use.

As far as possible we also lend a camera and / or a camera so that you can leave with a memory of your exit (this is not a contractual commitment). We ask you to respect the instructions regarding the use of these devices in the specific environment of the canyon, in order not to lose or damage them. If failure to comply with the instructions results in the loss or damage of an appliance, you will be required to pay the corresponding value to the new one of it.

Reservation and cancellation

When booking, we require a deposit of 30% of the total amount. Your reservation is effective when this amount is cashed.

Trips and trainings

The management service does not include any additional costs (accommodation, meals, transport, etc.). As part of stays or internships, we can make reservations for accommodation and meals directly from the tourist providers in your place. Since this is not a service we charge, you pay these fees directly to the relevant service providers.


The instructor who supervises the activity ensures your safety. In this respect, it may be necessary to cancel an exit (weather conditions, hydrology, level of participants …). He is the only one to decide on this cancellation. No reimbursement will be possible if you cancel the release of your own accord.

During the activities, photographs and videos are produced. They are likely to represent you or the minors for whom you have responsibility or custody.

By making the release with us, you tacitly authorize us to use and distribute these photographs or video made during this release, free of charge and exclusively, and to exploit these photographs, in whole or in part, Teaching, cultural or promotional activities of Canyon Spirit (electronic and paper format). In no case shall they be used for purposes other than those mentioned above.

But it is of your right to oppose it, in this case thank you to specify it at the exit. You can also specify it by sending us a simple e-mail later. However, we will not be able to remove the images representing you from the physical supports already existing (flyers, posters …).